Boko Haram na Hell Fire all of una Dey go

Lance Corporal Adam Ashaka wey be Corporal for Nigerian Army and also Muslim, send Islamic message to Boko Haram terrorist wey dey Nigeria say, “na Hell Fire all Boko Haram dey go, as dem dey misintepret Quran con dey use am dey kill people, rape, and dey do plenti bad bad thins unda Islam.

Adam Ashaka send im message tru video wey im record for Sambisa Forest, Borno State, where im and oda Nigerian Soldiers dey fight Boko Haram Terrorists.

For im video, e warn Boko Haram say Quran dey against d kill kill wey dem dey do to Islam believers and unbelievers. E say, Shekau and im followers be illiterate, and even anybodi wey happi with d thins wey dem dey do na illiterate, say Hell fire be dia final destination.

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Lance Corporal Ashaka continue to lecture dem about weytin Jihad mean according to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). E say, Boko Haram na terrorists, say dem just hide inside Islam to spoil d name of Islam. Say Allah no send any prophet to kill anybodi ova religion but to preach. So Boko Haram no do Jihad, na Nigerian army gorngorn dey do Jihad.

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