How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Na good tin to know d kind enemy wey you dey live with, Many people dey ask question say “how to get rid of Bed bugs?” and dem don try different insecticides, but e no work.

For dis article, i go show una d best combination to use to kill Bed bug, and you no go see dem again.

Bed bugs na tiny insects wey dey feed on human being and any worm-blooded animals by sucking dia blood to feed and produce eggs. And dem dey usually operate for night. D bad tin be say once dem don enta person house, e dey hard to comot dem.

Dem dey feed on person from 3 minutes up to 15 minutes depending how d size and d stage e dey, and each one of dia female dey lay up to 5 eggs everyday. Dis one mean say if you first get like 5 bed bugs for your house, e fit increase to 25 by tomorrow. All dis na bcos d blood wey dem dey feed on na im dey help dem to dey produce dia eggs.

Health Problems Caused By Bugs

Dis blood sucking insects dey harmful to people for plenty ways, e depend on d kind health problems wey dem fit cause from itching, allergic reactions or even increase of asthma attacks.

Allergic Reaction:

Some people body fit react badly to insect bites especially if d insects plenty. As far as bed bug reproduction dey very high and fast, dia bites fit cause allergies to body if dem don dey too much.

Insomnia (wen person no fit sleep):

Dis problem dey happen to plenty people, but dem no know why. Some people go dey complain say dem no dey fit sleep for night and some dey say even if dem sleep dem go quick wake for mid-night and no go fit sleep again. D tin wey dem no know be say d insect bite no dey pain person unlike mosquito bite, but dem dey suck plenty blood pass mosquito. So if dem don suck too much blood for person body, d bodi no go fit function well talk-less of to sleep or rest.

Asthma Attacks:

Tins fit worse for asthma patients if bed bugs dey feed on dia blood. Dis na bcos, wen dem don plenty for one place, dia feces (shit) contain histamine chemical wey dey cause bad smell and dis smell dey very harmful to asthma patients.


Wen bed bugs bite don dey too much for person body, e go cause make d person dey scratch im body and if person don dey scratch too much, d person skin go get chance to easily contact any skin infections.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Dis na one big question wey dey d mouth of people wey dey suffer from bed bugs. Infact plenti people don use different insecticide, but e no work bcos, bed bugs sabi hide and dia eggs strong for insecticide to penetrate.

Dis make me do my proper research and I finally see combination formula wey person go buy for local nearby shops, and mix dem.

Once you use the secret combination for any bed bug hideout, the mixture go penetrate very hard for dia hidden places and go damage dia strong eggs.

Lot of people wey don buy my e-book about d simple combination don testify to d wonders wey dem see after dem try my logic. The price na only N1,000.

If you need d e-book wey contain d secret combination, comment below with your WhatsApp.


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