How to make Catfish Pepper Soup

Many Nigerians dey ask questions say “How to make Catfish pepper soup?”

Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup wey plenti people for Nigeria sabi am as ‘Point and Kil’, be one very porpular soup for Naija wey you go see for any restaurants and bar.

U fit dey wonder say why d name Point and Kill dey porpular for plenti people mouth, dis na bcos most restaurants and bar for Nigeria dey allow make dia customers dey select d size or kind of Catfish wey dem want before dem cook am for dem.

Nowadays, even if you fit buy your Catfish Pepper Soup for any restaurants or bar, e fit dey hard to find yourself correct one wey go sweet your belle, e fit no even reach you as you want am.

Dis na d reason why e go dey good to learn “How to make Catfish pepper soup” by yourself.

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  • Catfish (as big as you want am)
  • 2 or 3 medium size Onions
  • Chili pepper
  • Scent leaves (Efinrin or Nchanwu)
  • Few Nutmeg seeds
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Salt


  1. First of all, wash your Catfish well well to remove everi dirty and blood wey dey inside (some people dey use lime or lemon take wash am… e depend on how you fit like am). Den cut am to d size wey you want am. Boil hot water, con pour am ontop d fish, no allow d water tey for d fish body before you pour am away, make d fish no go over soft, and make d fish no go scatter inside d soup wen you don dey cook am.
  2. Nutmeg seeds. Find one frying pan, put d Nutmeg seed inside am to roast am. Start to dey stir am untill you begin to dey get sweet smell and aroma from am. You fit try use hand pill one of d seed to check if e don do. If d seed don soft, dat mean say d seed don done b dat.
  3. Peel d Nutmeg seeds body comot, con grind am dry make e turn to powder.
  4. Cut your onions make dem small.
  5. Take your scent leaves and wash am, cut am into pieces.


  1. Put d Catfish inside pot, pour water and add sesoning cubes inside. Cover am to boil am togeda.
  2. Mix d Nutmeg powder togeda with onions, chili pepper and scent leaves. Pour dem inside d pot make dem boil togeda.
  3. After everithin don done, add salt to am, and allow am for like 4 to 5 minutes. Den your Catfish Pepper Soup don ready.

Catfish Pepper Soup na correct food wey dey nutritious well well. If you be woman or man wey like to dey cook for yourself, family or partner. You fit cook dis kind soup take surprise your love, make your family happy or use am take enjoy yourself.
You fit eat am alone or try am with Eko (Agidi), yam, boiled plantain, rice, potatoes etc.


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