Maiduguri Youths Para for Buhari

One video don come out wey show as plenti youths for Maiduguri, Borno state, gada for road dey para for President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday wen e wan go say sorry to Maiduguri people bcos of terrorist attact wey happen to dem on Sunday.

D video show as Maiduguri youths wey dey vex, gada for Yan nono road dey shout on top Buhari head say Ba ma so and Ba ma yi for Hausa language wey mean We no want and We no do again.

Buhari talk say “I wan tell all Nigerians say we dey take steps to make sure say security dey beta for everywhere, and say for Borno, d military go work hard pass how dem dey work before to deal with terrorist mata.

HOT TORI: Boko Haram na Hell Fire all of una Dey go

I dey beg community leaders and people dem, make dem give our troops all d cooperation wey dem need.”

President Buhari land for Maiduguri on Wednesday to say sorry to d government and people of Borno state afta Boko Haram kill plenti travellers for d state.

Boko Haram kill about 30 travellers, burn plenti moto on Sunday, February 9 for Auno near Maidugiri.

D Boko Haram attack bad sotey e force make military close Maiduguri gate.

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