Nigeria People Dey Expect Beta Economy And Jobs For 2020

According to new survey by NOIPolls, d top three area wey Nigeria people wan make our government take eye look for dis 2020 na economy, job and electricity.

NOIPolls talk on Tuesday say, dem ask 1,000 Naija people question wey come from six different locations. D question wey dem ask dem be say: “Weytin una want make our government take eye look for dis 2020?

D result be say 70 per cent of Naija people choose economy as number one, 69 per cent vote for beta job and 62 per cent people say na electricity supply. Some people talk say dem want make government take eye look education, infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture and security.

Abuja people dey cry say make our government take eye look why things dey cost. Dem talk say d food wey dem suppose buy N50 don turn N150.

World Bank even give tori say Nigeria no get beta job and e dey affect incomes. Dem even con give our government advise say make dem put beta support for economy, make dem create new job.

NOIPolls con finish d tori say if Nigeria get steady electricity, say e go help companies develop and plenti job go dey.

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