No Allow Web Developers Chop You Finish… Start To Dey Build Website Yourself

Shey you don dey try create your own website but you no sabi how you go fit do am? Or you dey think say e go dey hard to do am by yourself because you no be programmer or web developer?

Oga no trouble yourself. Dis guide go show you how most web developers dey build dia websites and how you self go avoid to dey spend plenty money for dem to help you build site.

Today we get over 200million websites wey dey active and most of dem na amateurs like me and you build dem. Na anybody fit create websites today by dem self even if you no get skills or techniques. I no want make you see am as tin wey hard because this article go help and guide you step-by-step.

Na different platforms dey, wey you fit use build your website. According to research, na dis platforms be d most popular ones wey people dey use build website pass:

WordPress         (52%)

Wix                      (7%)

Joomla                (7%)

Squarespace      (4%)

Progress Sitefinity (4%)

D rest                  (26%)

But na which platform go good for you to take build your website?

As you see for d list na WordPress get d highest percent for all of dem. Dat one mean say na WordPress people use take build dia website pass.

WordPress na free and na d easiest platform wey I don use well well. E dey simple to use even if you be beginner, sotey small business owners and online shops use am take build.



First, if you want setup WordPress, you go need;

  • Domain Name (your own web address like
  • Web Hosting   ( Na d service wey go connect your site to internet, wey go allow people dey see your site )…If you never sabi weytin be Web Hosting, click here


SMARTWEB na im I dey use and I go recommend am for any person wey need better website foundation.

Use dis link to get 2months off discounts for your web hosting. Dia price low as 350Naira per month.

Dem dey popular well well for Naija. Dem service stand gidigba and dem get beta security to host your web site for you.

If you wan know more about SMARTWEB NIGERIA read my post here.

Na like dis you go take signup for SMARTWEB

  • Go to

Smartweb Nigeria Banner

  • Choose D plan wey you want
  1. Standard        350Naira/month
  2. Business        700Naira/month
  3. Premium       1,400Naira/month
  4. Corporate      2,000Naira/month
  5. Professional  2,300Naira/month

If you no want spend plenty money, you fit go for “standard” plan because e good for small sites wey no get traffic. But if you dey expect big traffic for your site, I go recommend make you use “corporate” plan.

  • Choose Domain Name

Dis one easy, if you never get domain name just use d name of your business for your site (if na business website) but if na personal website, you fit use your name.

  • Fill your details

Enter your payment information to continue.

Note; If you use my link take buy any SMARTWEB services, you go enjoy discount. Click here

STEP 2:  Set Up Your Website

Once you don buy your domain name and wey you don host your website, d next tin na to install WordPress for your website.

If you use SMARTWEB host your website, you go find WordPress “1-click-installation” for your control panel account.

Na D steps wey you go follow be dis:

  1. Log in for your hosting (SMARTWEB) account.
  2. Go to control panel.
  3. Take eye find WordPress.
  4. Choose d domain wey you want install am.
  5. Click d “Install Now” button and WordPress go install instanta.

Wordpress tutorial

After you don click d “Install Now” button, e go take you go another page wey go wan confirm your installation. Before you scroll down to finalize your installation, make sure you leave d “In Directory” box blank like dis picture below.

STEP 3:  Design Your Website

Once you don install WordPress finish, you go see say your site go look ordinary wey design never dey on top. Na dis reason you go need theme – design template wey go tell WordPress how your website go be.

WordPress get about 1500 of fine fine themes wey you fit take design your website, and most of dem na free.

Here Na How You go Take Find Themes
  • Log in WordPress dashboard

If you no sabi how you go take log in, type (replace “yourwebsite” with your domain).

Na like dis WordPress dashboard take look.

  • Find free themes

Once you don enter your dashboard, you go get access to more than 1500 free themes. Just search d sidebar for “Appearance”, and click “Themes”.

You fit use any keywords take search or you fit use filters take find any themes wey you like.

  • Install your theme

Once you don find d theme wey you like, click “install” and after e don install finish, click “Activate”.

STEP 4:  Put Content for your Website

Now wey you don install theme, you don ready to dey create content for your site.

Make I show you some basics quick quick:

Add and editing pages

Shey you want “Services” page or “About” page (like you dey see am for other people website)?

  • Look d sidebar for your WordPress dashboard for “Pages” click on am, under Pages click “Add New”.
  • You go find screen wey be like Microsoft Word page. For there, you fit add text, images etc. to build d page you want, den save weytin you don do.
Add your pages to menu

If you wan make your new page show for your navigation bar;

  1. Save d tin you do for your page by clicking “Update”
  2. Click “Appearance” -> “Menus” for WordPress dashboard sidebar.
  3. Find d page wey you create and add am to list by clicking checkbox wey dey near am den click “Add to Menu”.
Add and editing posts

If you be person wey want blog for your website, na d place wey “Posts” dey for your dashboard you go go. You fit use different category to group your posts. Make we say you want do one category for your website wey you wan call “Blog”, just add am to your menu and start to dey do posts.

Here na D tin wey you need to do
  • Go to “Posts -> Categories” for there create new category


  • Go to “Posts -> Add New” wright for your blog.  After you don write finish, add am for d category wey want and after dat add d category for menu.

CONGRATOLOBIA – You Don Ready To Launch! If you get any questions wey you want ask, drop am for d comment box.

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