How Dem Go Tap Your Business Go Corner If You No Get Website For 2020

Shey you know say website dey very important for any business wey won make am sharp sharp no matter d size. YES OOO my people, website get beta benefits wey go make plenty people sabi you and your business fast fast. Dem go even trust your business and you go get more customers for sure.

Make we self take our korokoro eyes look dis mataa – with d plenti people wey dey go online to check business before dem take dia money buy anything, as dis people plenti reach, you no fit talk say you no need website.

Make I yan you secret – Statistics prove say 8 out of 10 people fit buy goods from people wey get website. If people go your website and dey read about you and even see your contact details for there, dat one go make you stand gidigba and you go get mouth. But if you no get website at all, customers go kuku go meet your rivals wey get and dem go buy from dem.


Naija rank #7 for countries wey dey use internet pass for this world. For Naija alone d number of people wey dey use internet pass 119,506,430 million for 2019. And for dis current year d number go surely increase pass last year own by far. Infact 58% of businesses wey never get website don make up dia mind say dem must surely get website for dis 2020.

As Technology don open our eyes, na website be your number one marketing weapon because our Naija people dey spend almost 24 hours dey browse online especially for dia fone.

Even if you don close for office or shop, your product and service go still dey show online for people to check even if na midnight, holidays or weekends.


Web hosting na d foundation wey your website go stand on top. Even if you get big company like Coca Cola, Google, Apple, or if you be small company or business like salon, supermarket, car dealer, travel agent, estate agent etc. If you want make people dey see your product for your website, den you go need correct web hosting service wey go stand gidigba like rock.

Examples of web hosting service wey we get for our Naija be dis:





*Domain King

If you go dey think say e go hard to build website, my people things don change. Oyinbo people don make everything easy wey be say you no need technical skills to build website by yourself.

Web hosting service wey good well well go give you beta tools like; dedicated servers, website builder, professional email address, hosting for WordPress and so on, wey you go use build correct website.

If you wan learn how to build website by yourself, check am for here. STEP BY STEP HOW YOU GO BUILD WEBSITE

After I don yan all dis, you fit dey doubt say which web hosting service make I use. My people make I no lie give you ooo, no be all web hosting service foundation good. D one wey I go nack my chest three times for na SMARTWEB NIGERIA. Dem get beta features and dem tools easy not to talk of dia shikini money.


Smartweb Nigeria Picture

SMARTWEB NIGERIA na number one website hosting service for Naija wey get solid foundation. Dem dey very reliable for more dan 15 years since 2004.

Dem get over 45,000 customers wey be say na dem host websites for dem. Some of dem be AIT, Nigeria Police, Nigerian Air Force, NTA etc.

As for me oo, na SMARTWEB NIGERIA I dey use build all my websites, and make i dey honest dia service smooth, easy, get quality and dey friendly especially if you be beginner.

Here na some big advantages wey you go get if you go take SMARTWEB NIGERIA build your site:


SMARTWEB NIGERIA plans come with beta price wey dey affordable for anybody sotey you fit compare d price to dat amount wey you dey use buy airtime voucher for everyday take host for one month.

For one of dia package wey be “shared hosting plan” d price dey as low as 350Naira per month.

If you buy any of SMARTWEB NIGERIA package through dis link you go get 2months off for any package.


As research take talk say out of all website host service wey dey Naija, na SMARTWEB NIGERIA  speed dey top all of dem. Even for dia shared server, SMARTWEB NIGERIA speed dey tear race pass Usain Bolt anytime of d day.

Smartweb Nigeria Speed

As you take see, SMARTWEB NIGERIA dey rate A+ and if you go check d rest na C or C+ dem get.

You fit dey think say why I need make my website get fast speed. True talk be say if you get website wey dey tey open, Google no go rank you for beta place, and you go lose about 53% of customers daily.


Professional email address na dat email address wey dey always carry website for im back. For example;

If you get business and you dey use free email address like e no dey good for business. You go be like person wey go face interview for America Embassy wey come wear dunlop slippers for leg.

If you get email address wey carry your website name for back, customers go respect you and you go get free ticket to contact any company wey you wan take do business with.

For example Travel Agents wey dey use free email address dey always get problems anytime dem dey fill online form for invitation letter.

Smartwed Nigeria Banner

Now wey I don show una why you go need website for una business dis year, If you buy any SMARTWEB package with my link, and enjoy discount.


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