You Fit no Use Pass Three SIM Cards Again

One person fit no use pass 3 phone line again, as Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Dr Isah Pantami take give instruction to Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

Dr Femi Adeluyi wey be IT Technical Assistant for Dr Pantami, pass im oga instruction give NCC on Wednesday, say make dem change d policy for SIM card registration and how people go dey use am.

D change wey dem wan do for d policy be say from now on, anibodi wey go wan register SIM card go need to show im National Identity Number (NIN) as e don dey compulsory now. Dis policy wey dem do bcos of security reason, go even limit everibodi to only get chance to register 3 SIM card.

Any person wey don register before, go get till December 1, 2020 to update dia registration with dia NIN. And from den, any SIM card wey dem never register no go fit work on top any network.

Pantami for im instruction talk say, Naija people too dey use plenti SIM cards as much as dey fit buy but from now, no bodi go get chance to use pass 3.

Foreigners go fit register dia SIM card only with dia passport or Visa numbas.

According to d instruction, NCC go only allow dia own agents and operator wey dem qualify to dey do SIM card registration for people.

D policy go help make SIM card get security wey be say dem no go fit hack am, and e go allow make SIM card users fit check d amount of SIM numba wey dem don register.

NCC go even use dis new policy take check and ban all d numbas wey people don use take do any crime before. And as dey take introduce dis policy, everi Telecommunication company for Naija go fit follow d Nigeria Data Protection Regulation.

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